This is my favorite restaurant in all of McLean. I’m literally there almost every day. The amazing food and phenomenal customer service is what keeps me coming back. I usually go for breakfast before running errands and get either the pancakes or French toast with the farm house two egg and meat plate with a side of fruit. Probably the best pancakes I’m tasted in a long time since moms kitchen. The French toast is never to eggy or soggy like some places, even if it’s order for pickup. For the first time the other night for dinner I tried their chicken gyro plate with a salad, hummus, and to  tzatziki sauce. The fresh ingredients and flavor a brought me back to the days when I lived in Athens, Greece. Nothing beats authentic Mediterranean food. If you haven’t been to this gem, I would definitely suggest trying this place. They even have a great mimosa deal for breakfast and brunch which I can’t wait to hop on after I have my baby. 4 more weeks to go!